The National Assembly yesterday adopted an article that will allow the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) to block sites, domain names or applications. It may also require the display of a warning message or cause a questioned address to be dereferenced.

Fake sites swarmed during containment

This will be the case when the sites offer products that do not comply with European standards or are dangerous. In 2019, 83% of toys checked in an investigation were found to be non-compliant and 22% posed a risk to children. But it is also about fighting against the emergence of fraudulent websites, fake sites or phishing interfaces, which would have proliferated during the confinement.

The text corresponds to Article 5 of the DDADUE bill. The government is also announcing to plead at European level for the limitation of the principle of irresponsibility for large online platforms under the Digital Services Act, which must be presented before the end of the year by the European Commission.

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