It is the amateur video that creates a stir in the Canadian political class and revives the debates on racism against the native peoples of Canada. : Joyce Echaquan, an Atikamekw woman, an indigenous people of Quebec, filmed Monday 28 September live on Facebook the insults she suffered from a nurse at the Joliette hospital. She passed away shortly after.

The young woman had been admitted to hospital a few days earlier for severe stomach aches. In the video, he is heard repeatedly calling for help, but no one answers. Then, a member of the nursing staff returns to her room and does not seem receptive to her pain. The editorial staff of France 24 Observers decided not to broadcast this video showing the young woman’s distress.

“Esti thick tabarnouche [juron québécois péjoratif]… It’s better dead that. Have you finished fooling around … Câlisse [autre juron québécois] You made some bad choices, my beauty. What would they think, your children, to see you like that? “, Can we hear from the mouth of the nurse in this 7-minute video broadcast by Joyce Echaquan herself on her Facebook account.

Joyce Echaquan, 37, died shortly after filming this video on Monday, September 28. She had seven children, according to the canadian press.

In the first seconds of her video, Joyce Echaquan films herself, before placing her phone in the room. We hear him screaming several times, but no nurse comes.

A call to wake up to racism, says Atikamekw leader

The Lanaudière Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS), on which the hospital where the events were filmed depends, indicated that the nurse had been identified and dismissed, but also thatan investigation had been opened.

The remarks made were unanimously condemned by the Canadian political class, and in the first place by the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who declared:

All Canadians were shocked to see this video of Joyce Echaquan’s last moments. […] What happened was the worst form of racism [alors qu’elle avait] Need help. This is another example of systemic racism that is simply unacceptable in Canada.

The grand chief of the Atikamekw nation, Constant Awashish, for his part declared to the newspaper La Presse :

I think the abscess is burst, It’s a ‘wake-up call ‘ [appel à se réveiller, NDLR] for everyone, First Nations as well as Quebeckers.[…]It is not true that all Quebeckers are racists. But there is still racism, we have to admit it, we must not put our heads in the sand.

Spontaneous demonstrations after the death of Joyce Echaquan took place in Lanaudière, especially around the hospital, and a large anti-racist demonstration is planned Saturday October 3 in Montreal.

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