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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) posted good financial results. Admittedly, the Japanese video games division (SIE) shows a loss of 22% on sales of consoles (alone and in pack) and physical games during the confinement period. But at the same time, sales of dematerialized games and services jumped 83% over the same period, compared to last year, at the same time. This represents a net profit of approximately $ 3.72 billion.

In total, revenue for the PlayStation division is estimated at $ 5.65 billion for the April-June period, a 36% increase over the same months in 2019. Throughout the history of the PlayStation division, never had such results been achieved at this time of year.

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Initiative Play At Home and the disastrous reductions of the last few months on the PlayStation Store are probably not unrelated to these good results. However, according to Sony, it is mainly sales of The Last of Us Part II (the latest exclusive AAA to date) and pre-orders of the title Ghost of Tsushima (AAA exclusive) which would have reduced the figures from “very good” to “excellent”.

The PlayStation 5 will be a big expense

On the occasion of this publication, Sony indicates that the production lines of the PlayStation 4 have been slightly impacted by the health crisis but that everything is back to normal. Production returned to its initial rate.

As for the launch of the PS5, it will happen, according to Nippon, on time. No delay is to be feared, both from a hardware and software point of view. The factories are in full swing and Sony studios like those of third-party publishers are all in battle order and meet deadlines.

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On a purely fiscal level, Sony Interactive Entertainment – and by extension Sony Global – expects its 2021 results to be lower than 2020 because of … the launch of the PS5. As the brand is likely to marginally margin on the console in the first months, sales will bring it less mechanically. Yet the prices both versions of the console – still unknown – are likely to be high … in the same way as the prices observed on the first games announced.

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