Covid-19: worrying situation in Île-de-France


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Three Covid-19 patients in intensive care in hospitals in Ile-de-France were transferred on Saturday to the west of France in order to loosen the grip on the Ile-de-France healthcare infrastructure. A more massive evacuation by TGV could take place as early as the middle of next week.

Referral of patients with severe Covid-19 outside Île-de-France to reduce the pressure on overwhelmed Ile-de-France hospitals. This medical evacuation strategy began on Saturday, March 13, with the displacement by helicopter of three patients to Nantes, Angers and Le Mans.

A more massive evacuation by TGV could only take place “in the middle of next week” because of “the enormous logistics to be put in place,” said the official.

The situation of hospitals in the most populous region of the country is particularly tense, with more than 1,000 patients hospitalized in intensive care (just over 4,000 throughout the country).

“It is played in bed,” alerted Friday the boss of Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), Martin Hirsch, stressing that there was “between 20 and 30% of deprogramming” of non-activities. urgently needed to make room for Covid-19 patients.

For now, the executive has ruled out a weekend or full reconfinement in Île-de-France, but Prime Minister Jean Castex hammered on Friday to “be ready at any time to take additional measures” if necessary.

Covid-19: Medical evacuation of French patients to Belgium

A choice that creaks some officials of regions where weekend confinements have been reintroduced recently, such as Renaud Muselier, president of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, who denounced on Saturday an “injustice” between the Alpes-Maritimes , who are starting their third weekend of confinement, and Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris also very affected.

But the government replies that it is not possible to confine a single department in a region as populated and interwoven as Île-de-France.

The “miseries” of laboratories

Jean Castex also regretted on Saturday the “miseries” undergone by the government’s vaccination strategy, a major axis to get out of the health crisis in which the country has been struggling for a year.

Visiting a vaccination center in Saint-Maixent-L’École (Deux-Sèvres), the Prime Minister expressed the hope of exceeding “the objective of 10 million vaccinations by April 15″, while saying to himself ” careful because the labs do us some trouble in respecting delivery deadlines “.

The AstraZeneca group rightly announced on Saturday further delays in the delivery of its Covid-19 vaccine to the European Union, citing export restrictions.

A vaccine that encounters other problems: often poorly regarded by the public, it is now suspended in several countries due to fears of harmful side effects.

Dominique Le Guludec, president of the High Authority for Health (HAS) underlined Saturday on Europe 1 the “excellent pharmacovigilance” around vaccines and noted that the European and French health authorities still considered the vaccine safe.

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The vaccination campaign, which is approaching five million people who have received at least one first injection and more than two million two doses, has borne first fruits for nursing homes, nursing homes hard hit at the start of the epidemic, which killed thousands of people there.

From now on, the residents are mostly vaccinated (more than 60% have received two doses) and they will finally be able to regain social ties, authorized from Saturday to leave their establishment or to see their loved ones there without being protected behind a Plexiglas.

The elderly “have lost their bearings, their habits, their neighbors, so if in addition they have to see their own family behind a plastic, it is not possible”, insisted Friday evening the minister in charge of Autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon.

Since the start of the epidemic, more than 25,000 residents of nursing homes and other medico-social establishments have succumbed to Covid-19. And the total death toll exceeded the 90,000 death mark in France on Friday, which still records an average of more than 200 daily deaths.

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