Crucial Launches 2TB USB Type-C Portable SSDs at Aggressive Price


Crucial did not yet have a 2TB portable SSD in its catalog, it is now done with two new models. The X6 SSD fits in your hand (6.9 x 1.1 x 6.4 cm) and offers speeds of up to 540 MB / s.

It comes with a USB Type-C cable, but the manufacturer doesn’t say if a USB Type-A adapter is included. It costs around 290 euros for 2 TB and 158 euros for 1 TB, very attractive prices compared to the competition. For example, Seagate sells its BarraCuda Fast 2TB SSD for 369 euros while the official price of the SanDisk Extreme Portable 2TB SSD is 365 euros. But Crucial should be wary as price drops are common in this market.

If you need more speed, Crucial offers a 2TB version of its X8 portable SSD, which we have tested in 1 TB version. Internally, the Sata interface gives way to NVMe, which can achieve speeds of up to 1050MB / s if you have a USB Gen2 10Gbit / s interface on your computer. Here again, the price is attractive for such a fast model: 337 euros for a capacity of 2 TB.

To achieve these prices, Crucial uses QLC flash memory (four bits of data per cell) which helps lower production costs. Next step, the portable 4TB SSD?

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