Current body fat is 18.5%. The goal of success is to slash 10% of your dreams! !!

That’s why I started with a Yoku Hata-style title.

It’s not “cutting!” But “cutting 10%” (laughs).

Current body fat is 18.5%. The goal of success is to slash 10% of your dreams! !!

My current body fat is 18.5%, which is a relatively average number for a man, but honestly, I have to manage the bulge and sagging of my stomach.

The average body fat for men ranges from 17% to 24%, so it’s not obese, but when you actually look in the mirror, you’ll be disappointed.

Then, if you go on a diet anyway, you want to be as cool as a fighter ! !!

Therefore, I decided to reduce the target body fat to less than 10%.

yes. My goal is very high …

It may seem like a reckless number to be scolded by dieters who are struggling every day, but I think it’s better to set a high goal.

The reason is that if you set the hurdles low from the beginning, you will not be so motivated and you may compromise your daily exercise.

“It’s okay to eat a little like this ~ (strange old man style)”

When I think about it, after all, it becomes sweet and everything becomes sweet and I finally notice

I even forgot that I was on a diet! !!

I’m likely to get hooked on the pattern that I shouldn’t do the most …

When I actually investigated the people who succeeded in dieting, I found that it was not surprisingly reckless to achieve a 10% reduction in body fat .

Of course, if you want to squeeze your body so far, you have to pay attention to everything, such as checking calorie and fat values ​​in a fairly detailed manner not only for exercise but also for diet.

But that’s why it’s rewarding, and I think it’s fun because knowledge comes with you when you research various things.

In fact, I’m already a diet master because I’ve already purchased various information from the internet and books (laughs).

Well, all you have to do is continue exercising and get results.

There are only a few months left until summer, and it may not be possible to cut below 10% immediately, so I would like to go for this body fat target over a long span, but at least I want to dent my stomach. increase.

So, I’ll do my best with enthusiasm! !!


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