In early September, the 9to5Google site spotted traces of dark mode in Google maps. A month later, this “dark mode” is being deployed. Google’s navigation tool was one of the last Mountain View apps not to take full advantage of this functionality. Maps obviously has a dark display for the navigation part, but the rest of the menus were limited to light mode. The damage now seems to be repaired.

Random deployment

One of the first images of this “dark mode” was shared on Reddit by the account u / BrokenFuckenArm which specifies having version 10.51.1 on a OnePlus 8. It seems that the deployment is not the result of a classic update of the application but of a gradual and random deployment. At, an editorial member’s Android smartphone went well under this version and can display the dark theme (see image above). But this is not yet widespread.

In other words, even if you have the latest version of Google Maps, you are not sure whether you will be able to activate the dark theme in the next few hours. Android users are for the moment the only ones affected by this deployment.

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