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Officially launched in September 2019 in the first countries (after initial tests in 2018), Facebook Dating is now reaching 32 European countries despite the health context. Directly integrated into the application Facebook, this competitor of Tinder will obviously not be imposed on all users of the social network. To access it, you will have to register manually and create a profile different from your Facebook account, although the dating service will use your tastes, your groups and the events you have registered with to find people who may match you. Unlike most of its competitors, Facebook Dating Calls an anti-one-night stand and does not offer in-app purchases. The app wants to become the benchmark for serious relationships.

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Once registered at Facebook Dating, you should have access to an interface that is extremely similar to those of other dating apps. We “swipe” to the left or to the right to indicate if a person pleases us and we can access, under their photos, information on their profile (job, height, interests, Instagram etc.). Facebook does, however, have the advantage of knowing you better than its competitors and, for example, can help you meet someone who would go to the same show as you next week. A menu also provides access to the list of all the people who have “liked” you, a function that competitors like Tinder usually reserve for their paying subscribers.

If you “match” with someone, a messaging service very similar to Messenger (but which prohibits the sending of photos or videos) will allow you to chat with that person. You can also allow your Instagram Stories to appear on your profile.

Users of Facebook Dating can choose whether they want to be visible to their friends or friends of their friends. Thanks to “Secret Crush”, a function that risks creating controversy, it is also possible to designate a list of Facebook or Instagram friends who make us crack. If two friends nominate themselves in this list, Facebook will betray the secret and inform them of their possible compatibility. An awkward moment ahead … or the start of a beautiful love affair?

Since its launch, Facebook Dating has allowed 1.5 billion “matches” according to social network officials. During lockdown (and with the prospect of further restrictions), the social network allows for “virtual dating” through video calls to help people chat before they can meet. Facebook is also promising that it is going all out on privacy even though, quite logically, many people will be resistant to the idea of ​​revealing their love stories to Facebook.

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