Déborah, partner of Olivier Dubois, detained in Mali: “The children and I are waiting for your return”


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Two months ago, journalist Olivier Dubois was kidnapped in Gao, in northern Mali. He is today the only French hostage in the world, held by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, led by Iyad Ag Ghali. From Bamako, her companion, Deborah Al Hawi Al Marsi spoke with David Baché from RFI and Marc Perelman from France 24. In a message of hope, she addresses Olivier Dubois, whom she awaits “patiently. and confidence “.

Deborah Al Hawi Al Masri, the partner of Olivier Dubois, the journalist held hostage in Mali for just two months, calls on him to keep hope, and to think of their children in difficult times. She says she is in favor of a negotiated release, saying she is “extremely afraid” of a military operation because above all she wants Olivier Dubois to come back safe and sound.

According to her, he was only trying to do his job as a journalist, getting as close to the news as possible. She knew he was on his way to Gao, the town in northern Mali where he was abducted, but did not know the details of his trip.

Deborah Al Hawi Al Masri also emphasizes that she is in contact with the French authorities, while refusing to disclose the content of her discussions. She says she has no confirmation that her companion is in the hands of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, led by Iyad Ag Ghali and would like to remove this uncertainty.

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