Until very recently, deleting content on Instagram was obviously not enough to completely remove it from the various servers of the social network.

Saugat Pokharel, an independent security researcher discovered that Instagram had kept private messages and photos which he had deleted more than a year earlier. It was by requesting a copy of his data from the social network that he made his discovery.

A bug in the Instagram system

While the web giants have a habit of saying that it may take a while to completely delete data, Instagram says that data is, in principle, completely deleted from servers after 90 days.

However, Saugat Pokharel was able to find items in his archive that he had deleted over a year ago, which he was able to recover through the dedicated tool. In October 2019, he was able to notify Instagram of his discovery through his program bug bounty, a bug hunt intended to offer a reward to developers who find loopholes in the application.

The social network, which closed the breach in early August, paid the researcher $ 6,000 to reward him for his discovery.

Source: Techcrunch

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