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At a time when the sanitary instruction is to stay at home, Micromania encourages you to… quickly move around its stores. On Twitter, the brand has just unveiled its reconfinement strategy. People who have pre-ordered a PS5 must come this Thursday, October 29 to pay their console and communicate the address to which they wish to be delivered (if they have already paid, they must still come). Shipping costs will also have to be added so that the console reaches you on its release date.

No communication on Xbox

Strangely, it is on the PS5 that Micromania has decided to communicate first while the Xbox Series S and X will be released nine days earlier (November 10). The company says it will communicate on the subject soon. Will people who pre-ordered Microsoft’s new console from Micromania be delivered on time? How will they pay for their console? Everything is still very vague for the moment.

If you can’t pay for your PS5 today, what will happen to your pre-order? Can Micromania set up an online payment platform? We will keep you updated in the next few hours as the situation evolves at Micromania and other resellers. Fnac should also communicate during the day.

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