In April, the Unicode consortium announced that he won’t be launching new emojis in 2021, unable to meet because of Covid-19. This news made many disappointed, which motivated the members of this assembly to still present some new features in the form of Unicode 13.1 rather than Unicode 14.0.

The number of changes is extremely light (7) but many additions linked to diversity (210) will appear in 2021. We will have to wait until 2022 to have many more new features.

Head in the clouds

Officially, 217 new emojis will appear in 2021. Don’t be fooled by this figure, it is extremely misleading. In fact, 200 of her new emojis are variations of the skin color of couple emojis. We imagine that Apple, Google, Microsoft and the others will add to their keyboards a way to vary the intensity of the skin color.

The seven novelties represent a yawn, a character with his head in the clouds, another confused, a heart surrounded by a bandage and a heart on fire. We can also customize the skin color of a woman with a beard and a neutral character with a beard. So, we told you, Unicode 13.1 is not a revolution.

In the coming weeks, Apple and Google are expected to adopt Unicode 13.0 which, for once, brings many new features. Flip-flops, a toothbrush, a mammoth, an olive, a grave, a piñata, a magic wand, a fondue, a demo sign etc. We should have some fun.

Source: Emojipedia

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