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We thought Disney’s streaming plan was well established. The American company would actually still have some hesitation. She seemed determined to exclude too adult content from Disney + and keep it on Hulu, a very popular platform in the United States acquired during the takeover of 21st Century Fox. But Disney is now considering a plan B.

When announcing the company’s financial results, Bob Chapek (who recently replaced Bob Iger at the head of the company) announced that he was preparing a second streaming service called “Star” (a popular brand in India, it also acquired during the acquisition of Fox). This service would broadcast all content that cannot be featured on Disney +, such as ABC, FX, Freeform, Searchlight or 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox).

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Hulu soon to be discontinued?

Until today, Disney had always indicated that it wanted to make Hulu its adult platform internationally. The problem according to Bob Chapek is quite simple, “Hulu has no notoriety outside the United States”. Difficult to prove him wrong, few French people know this service yet installed for more than a decade across the Atlantic. There, in addition to offering original content, Hulu is also a replay service aggregating the content of many channels. An equivalent in Europe would take years to take shape. Star, which would be based on the same technical base as Disney + with different content, would be easier to set up.

The absence of most of the Fox content on Disney + is therefore not an oversight. You will need to subscribe to Star to access it when the service is finalized. We can imagine that a Disney + / Star bundle with, why not a single platform, will be offered to customers. Unless Disney once again changes its mind in the meantime.

Source: The Verge

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