Do you have an Apple Watch? Try the new sleep mode in preview


Long excluded from Apple’s public beta program, the Watch is now joining the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. On the page dedicated to future versions of its operating systems (link at the bottom of this article), Apple offers to download a profile on its iPhone in order to unlock early access to watchOS 7 on its connected watch. The only condition is that you need to have iOS 14 on your smartphone to proceed with the installation.

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Public beta, time to mature

It must be said that at the launch of the Apple Watch, installing a developer beta version on his watch was adventurous. The test versions of watchOS 2 or watchOS 3 were so experimental that Apple’s smartwatches were nearly unusable and discharged in a flash.

Worse, the Apple Watch being devoid of a physical port, it was impossible to reinstall a stable version yourself (Apple had set up a return system at the factory for its engineers to perform a reset). At that time, we understood why the brand reserved the beta of the operating system of its watch for experts and encouraged the general public to be patient.

If today remains impossible to go back yourself, Apple judges watchOS enough mature so as not to be a problem despite her status beta. The new features of watchOS 7, such as sleep mode or the improved dial selector, are also too much minimal for disturb the operation of the watch. If you want to experience them today, Apple now gives you that choice.

Link: Apple Beta Program

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