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On the program for this new episode of Tech a Break:

– The most viewed YouTube video is no longer Despacito! Luis Fonzi’s title was dethroned by the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark”. More than seven billion views on the Google platform, not counting the different versions with different featuring, sometimes improbable. YouTube is making all these records of views on … music videos. Previous records were held by Justin Bieber’s Baby, Psy’s Gangnam Style, Travis Scott’s See You Again and Luis Fonzi’s Despacito. For the anecdote, it is the confinement that allowed Baby Shark to exceed the Latin title.

– When there’s more, there’s more ! Apple will do a third conference in three months. After having dedicated a keynote to the iPad, then to the iPhone 12, the Apple brand should present its new Macs on November 10. According to rumors, the Cupertino company could unveil its first computers integrating its own chips based on the ARM architecture. The entire conference will be followed live on

– The video of the week smells good on November 19th. The PS5 will be available on this date and while waiting for our full test, we invite you to discover a video of the disassembly of the Sony DualSense controller. We discover in particular a more substantial battery as well as the functioning of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

– This week, we offer you your StreamCam from Logitech to get started in streaming!

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