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In a 27-page document provided to the FCC (the federal commission in charge of communications in the United States), Apple details for the first time its reverse wireless charging process. By using magnets and NFC (which corresponds to the MagSafe technology of iPhone 12), the brand indicates that a potential future accessory can be recharged on the back of its latest smartphones. The maximum power emitted would be 5W.

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Magnetic AirPods?

In this document discovered by Jeremy Horwitz of VentureBeat, we learn that this reverse wireless charging would work even when the iPhone is not connected to the charger. Apple indicates that thanks to the magnets, this famous accessory would remain stuck on the back of the iPhone even in a bag, without the risk of creating energy losses. The other pages describe this process in a very technical way in order to obtain the agreement of the American authorities.

Of course, one can wonder what will be the nature of this future accessory. Will it be a charger for Apple Watch? A new case for AirPods? A base to charge a new smartphone? In any case, these are products that we would love to discover in the Apple catalog. A software update will certainly be necessary to make the iPhone 12 compatible with this function.

Last year, rumors had long indicated that the iPhone 11 would support reverse wireless charging. Apple did not finally add this function to its smartphones, which had left a boulevard to competition on Android. It offers, in fact, on its side almost systematically. The use of MagSafe to master this technology seems in any case an excellent idea.

Link: FCC

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