Donald Trump concedes a little reprieve to ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok. A few days after announcing that the company had until September 15 to find an American buyer for its application, at the risk of being banned on its territory, the American president finally announced that it was giving 90 days to an American company to finalize a deal. with ByteDance. This should give Microsoft more time, interested in TikTok but worried about technical constraints.

A closure after the presidential election

It will therefore be November 12 that TikTok will be fixed on its fate, a week after the US presidential election (November 3). Donald Trump is playing big. If an agreement between ByteDance and Microsoft is not signed in the coming weeks, its authority could be called into question in the event of a victory for Joe Biden (even if Donald Trump remains in any case president until the end of January ). Will TikTok really be sold one day? Remember that Donald Trump claims to be wary of the application and the risks it would present to national security, but that no formal proof has yet been revealed.

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