72 is better than 14, but that is (still) not enough. Launched in early June by the government, the application StopCovid, to find the contacts of people affected by Covid-19, has been downloaded 2.3 million times. However, it only made it possible to notify 72 contacts at risk, according to figures provided Wednesday August 19 to AFP by the Directorate General of Health (DGS). To date, 1,169 QR codes have been used », Specified the DGS.

Lack of buy-in

The difference between the number of people who report being infected, by scanning the QR code provided during a positive screening test, and the number of notifications sent can be explained by the still very low use of the application in the French population. On the contrary, for example from German app downloaded more than 10 million times, Less than a week after its official launch. In France, since Last quantified announcements made on July 23, StopCovid only recorded 300,000 additional downloads.

The application is effective when a person and his contacts have it. […] Using StopCovid may be particularly useful in areas where the virus is actively circulating “And in popular places such as bars and restaurants, assures the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, which” obviously encourages all French people to download the application “.

A controversial application

The Stopcovid application uses Bluetooth wireless technology to detect and keep track of all people crossed for a long time during the last 15 days at less than one meter, before warning them in the event of contamination. In France, this system of contact tracing is controversial, both in principle, but also in the choices techniques made by the French government.

Because the government refused to rely on the technological solution proposed by Apple and Google, StopCovid is incompatible with most European tracing applications.

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil), at the end of July, put the government on notice to settle ” several irregularities On the application within one month and to comment on the effectiveness of StopCovid in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. She also recommends that all users update the application..

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