DR Congo: what chances of success for the Sacred Union?


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Even the most astute observers of Congolese political life did not imagine this dramatic turnaround. Elected in chaotic circumstances, without a majority in the National Assembly, President Felix Tshisekedi managed in two years, without going through the ballot box, to have an overwhelming majority by setting up “the Sacred Union”. But what is this coalition worth, which gives it the means to govern? What are his chances of success? Decryption with our guests in a special show shot in Kinshasa, with Alain Foka.

Our guests :

Patrick Muyaya, Minister of Communication and Media, Congolese government spokesperson, member of the Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU)

Paulette Kimuntu, independent journalist, presenter of the program “Temps forts” on Télé MB

Félix Kabange Numbi, member of the Common Front for Congo (FCC) crisis committee

Jean Thierry Monsenepwo, President of the youth league of the CCU, the party of Lambert Mende

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