Elon Musk tests “a smartwatch in your skull”

Does Elon Musk want to make a cyborg out of you? The American billionaire, boss of Tesla, presented at the end of August the new technology developed by his company Neuralink: a brain implant supposed to help patients with speech disorders or paralysis. Tests carried out on a sow named Gertrude have made it possible to follow the brain activity of the animal, which has had the implant for two months.

The size of a coin, the chip titled “The Link” is placed under the skull cap. The operation is “reversible,” says Musk, and does not cause “noticeable brain damage.” Still in the experimental phase, “The Link” should not be tested on human patients for a while.

Mario Kart in your living room

Nintendo announced by surprise on Twitter the upcoming release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit on Switch, an innovative mixed reality game. The principle ? A real remote control car with a camera rolls around your living room, and the console screen displays a virtual circuit that you have drawn at home beforehand.

During the race, your car will stop for a short time if it is hit by a banana or red shell, making the experience even more realistic. Nintendo’s promise is enticing, but also symbolic, for the thirty-five years of Super Mario. The official release of the game is scheduled for October 16.

Nokia 3310: the legend celebrates its twentieth anniversary

The Finnish brand’s phone has become a bestseller thanks to its resistance to all types of shocks, the legendary Snake game and its unbeatable autonomy. The device has sold over 120 million copies since its release in September 2000, and today remains the seventh best-selling cell phone in the world!

At 133 grams, the device became a global phenomenon in the early 2000s. It was re-released in 2017, under the same name, but for a less rugged and more expensive plastic phone than the original.

In the rest of the news this week, we also tell you about Amazon, which received authorization to test its delivery drones in the United States, seven years after the launch of its Prime Air program in 2013. Also find the unusual images of an Italian owner of a Tesla Model 3, who turned his old Casio watch into a key to unlock his vehicle.

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