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The authors of the Maze ransomware have just officially announced the end of their “project” in a statement posted on their dark web site. On this occasion, the victims benefit from a special service. “Be careful of anyone who wants their private information removed from our news site. You can contact the Maze support chat. Support will be continued for one month after the press release ”, say the hackers, before plunging into a logorrhea over the deplorable state of the world in general and the imminent takeover of the big owners of bitcoins.

Maze made ransomware history. It was the first malware that not only encrypted system data, but also exfiltrated it. Hackers could thus threaten their victims not only with the loss of sensitive data, but also of a publication. Many other hacker groups have since adopted this innovative double extortion strategy.

However, Maze’s judgment is not going to change the general landscape much. Other malware will take its place. It is not even certain that the authors of Maze will retire. They will probably reposition themselves on other “projects”.

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