For a few more days, RED by SFR allows you to take advantage of a discount of 3 euros per month on its RED 80 GB mobile plan: the latter goes from 17 euros to 14 euros, or a saving of 36 euros per year. The price of this package does not change over time, so it remains at 14 euros for the duration of your subscription. In addition, the offer is non-binding, so you can change it whenever you want, without any constraints. In addition to an 80 GB envelope intended for metropolitan France, the package also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe and the overseas departments. And for these same foreign destinations, an additional 10 GB are released every month in 4G.

At the moment, RED by SFR also includes access to SFR TV with its 80 GB RED package, which allows access to all TV channels and packages from the application of the same name, at no additional cost. Finally, you can keep your current mobile number by sending your RIO code to RED by SFR when you subscribe. This can be obtained in a few moments by calling 31 79 from your smartphone.

The 80 GB RED package at 14 euros per month

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