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The war between Apple and Epic, the creator of the game Fortnite, is still not finished and players on iOS and macOS are paying the price. The only good news is virtual credits, called V-Bucks. These credits have been transferred to the player’s account. Thus, he can use them on other platforms, for example on PC or Android. Epic warned its users a few days ago in a tweet:

Epic states that iOS players will receive as a bonus the equivalent of the V-Bucks they bought from the App Store and did not spend. For Mac players, this is the equivalent of V-Bucks purchased from Epic that have not been spent.

For now the situation is stuck between Apple and Epic. As a result, players on iOS and macOS can no longer benefit from updates and have not been able to take advantage of the arrival of the Marvel heroes in the game. The trial between the two companies will not take place until May 2021. .

Source : The Verge

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