Epic laments the loss of 60% of its Fortnite players on iOS


In the standoff between Apple and Epic, the latter is for the moment the big loser. In its complaint against the App Store, the publisher of Fortnite details the figures regarding the use of its game on iOS. According to him, iPhone gamers represent 116 of the battle royale game’s 350 million total users.

So about a third of Fornite players would use Apple’s platform to access it, a figure hitherto unsuspected by its scale. Epic also specifies that 63% of iOS users access the game only through their iPhone, thus excluding any other platform (console or PC).

Lost players forever?

These figures specified in the complaint are said to show the very significant impact of removing Fortnite from the App Store. Epic indeed deplores a 60% drop in daily users of the game on iOS. The company is also concerned that it will never see these players return to their flagship title again and have lost them forever.

By detailing this impact, Epic hopes to prove that Apple’s decision to remove the game from its app store has catastrophic effects on its economic activity. As a reminder, the Cupertino company made this decision following Epic’s desire to no longer pay the 30% commission on sales made through the App Store.

Apple is under two investigations, in the United States and in the European Union, for abuse of dominant position following complaints from several publishers, including Sweden’s Spotify.

Source: The Verge

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