EU allows entry of vaccinated travelers from third countries


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Member state representatives agreed on Wednesday to allow entry into the European Union for travelers from third countries who have received the necessary doses of vaccines – and authorized at European level.

As the summer season approaches, the European Union is easing access measures to its territory for foreign travelers. The ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven approved, Wednesday, May 19, the recommendation of the European Commission to authorize the entry of visitors from third countries who have received the necessary doses of anti-Covid vaccines authorized at European level.

This non-binding recommendation allows EU members to coordinate border measures in order to facilitate free movement within the block.

The EU closed its external borders in March 2020 for “non-essential” travel and established from June a short list, revised regularly, of third countries whose residents – vaccinated or not – can enter the Union.

The representatives of the member states also agreed on Wednesday to relax the criterion of the incidence rate of the virus taken into account to draw up this list. The rate is thus raised from 25 to 75 cases – per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days.

The list currently has seven countries – Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand – and is expected to grow significantly after confirmation of reciprocal agreements.

At the same time, the Member States agreed to set up a coordinated emergency mechanism to quickly suspend arrivals from a third country in the event of a deterioration in the health situation due to the appearance of variants.

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