In its latest Tesla report, Euro NCAP does not take tweezers to denounce the aberrations of the software that is the pride of Elon Musk and the success of his Tesla. The organization known for distributing stars based on vehicle safety capabilities took a look at Autopilot. And the least that can be said is that on at least two points Euro NCAP is not convinced by the Californian manufacturer’s approach.

More Auto than Pilot

First of all, the organization recognizes the quality of the Californian system: “ the Tesla Model 3 excels in the level of vehicle assistance “. However, it is criticized for not involving the driver in this process and for limiting his ” level of commitment, leading to possible overdependence “. In other words, it is not the reliability of the Autopilot that is in question, but the fact that it works independently of the pilot. From Tesla’s side, this criticism could seem excessive and for good reason: the ultimate goal of Autopilot is to replace the driver and it is in this direction that the brand’s engineers are working. But on the Euro NCAP side, the reading grid is quite different, it is based on current regulations and on the devices that appropriate them in the best possible way. This is how it is possible to explain the discrepancy between an excellent driving assistant and the severe judgment of the one who has to analyze it.

However, Euro NCAP sticks to its scale and severely punishes Tesla on this aspect of the Model 3. Consequently, the car which obtains a nice 91% for its driving assistance devices, falls to 36% on driver engagement.

Finally, the European body’s second complaint against Tesla concerns the very name Autopilot. “ Tesla’s system name is inappropriate because it suggests full automation Can we read in the report. This is not the first time that this criticism has been made to the manufacturer, which for its part does not fail to question the legal limitations of each country preventing it from making all of the technologies embedded in its users available to its users. cars.

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