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Still not formalized on the brand’s French site, the Apple One offer has been available in France since October 30. However, it is not easy to access it easily. To do this, open the App Store application on your iPhone, then tap your profile icon at the top right, then go to the Subscriptions section.

There, two options are available to you. Theindividual subscription at 14.95 euros per month includes access to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB iCloud storage. Subscribed individually, all of its services would cost 21 euros.

Thefamily subscription has exactly the same services, except iCloud storage is 200 GB and all services are accessible to 6 different users. Invoice 19.95 euros per month, so it allowssave here 8 euros compared to the normal price.

200 GB of online storage shared between six users, that seems noticeably illusory on a daily basis. It is therefore entirely possible to add a 2TB iCloud offer to add to Apple One’s 200GB. Please note, however, that this requires having the same identifier on iCloud and iTunes, as our colleague Nicolas Lellouche has observed.

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