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The next Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series S and X will be the first consoles next gen to hit the market. Pre-orders took place on September 22nd and, within hours, all available units have evaporatedregardless of the country in which the campaign was conducted.

When will Microsoft’s two new consoles be released?

Both Xbox Series S and X will be released at the same time, next November 10.

How much do they cost?

They are respectively announced at 299.99 euros and 499.99 euros. In the box is the console, a new generation controller, an HDMI cable that must be used with the console and a power cord.

In the photo above, the cable on the right is the one supplied with the Series X (Ultra High Speed). On the left (High Speed), the model delivered with the One X and the S Series as well. If Microsoft bothered to make a distinction, surely there is a reason.

What are their main differences?

Quite simply, the two Xbox Series are not the same size or design. Then, they have the same motor, but it does not run at the same speed. The Series S is therefore much less powerful than the Series X.

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In addition, the Series S relies on “everything dematerialized” while the Series X, more expensive, has a Blu-ray player (DVD, BDR and 4K BDR compatible).

How many consoles will the Microsoft catalog consist of after November 10?

Microsoft stops Xbox One X production But there are still in store. In all, there are four consoles in the offer of the American giant. The Xbox one s (and One S All-Digital) and One X as well as the two new arrivals, the S and X Series.

Where can I pre-order the S Series | X and / or buy them on the day of their release?

For pre-orders: From time to time, the online sales sites of well-known brands (FNAC, CDiscount, Rue du Commerce, Amazon, etc.) put some models back on presale. But, officially, the pre-order phase is over. If you pre-order your console now, you’re not guaranteed to receive it on November 10, please be aware.

For purchases: on November 10, copies will be available in stores. Ultra-specialized brands, like Micromania, to more general ones, like Leclerc or Auchan, will surely offer them. But, again, stocks may be quite limited.
Buying the consoles, direct from Microsoft’s site, may be the best way to get them in time for Christmas. On one condition, however: that at Microsoft, too, stocks do not melt like snow in the sun from the first minutes.

What do I need to get the most from it?

A good internet connection. Especially in the case of the Series S since lack of optical drive you will have to download all the games you want to install on it.

A 120 Hz compatible 4K TV for the X Series or a good 120 Hz Full HD TV for the S Series. For the S, 4K TV is also good, but be aware that the console is not armed to natively display so many pixels continuously.

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Moreover, for the 4K television at 120 Hz, it is imperative an HDMI 2.1 input otherwise the Series X will not offer you to reach the 120 frames per second bar in the console menus and even less in those of games supporting this refresh rate, in 4K

A good FHD / 1440p / 4K gaming monitor. It can also do the trick for both consoles, especially if its refresh rate is at least 144Hz.
Note, however, that PC monitors with HDMI 2.1, there are still very few on the market. Acer and Asus have announced some, but they probably won’t arrive until early next year.

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Can I use my old Xbox One S or X controllers on the S and X Series?

Yes quite. Hardware backward compatibility is assured. Microsoft promised it when announced at E3 2019. And, since then, we have been able to realize it for ourselves.
The first Elite controller talks without problem with the X Series. A large number of other equipment is also backward compatible: steering wheels, wireless headsets, keyboard, mouse, etc. Future peripherals will be clearly identifiable so that you can be sure that by buying them they can communicate with the consoles.

Can I play my old Xbox 360 and One games on the new Xbox ones?

For Xbox 360 games, yes. But you won’t be able to install them from their original physical copy. These can only be dematerialized versions purchased on the Store, from Microsoft.

Xbox One games, too. Whether they are physical or dematerialized copies, they are recognized by the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft ensures that thousands of Xbox games are natively compatible with the new arrivals. Be careful, this does not mean that they will be optimized for them.
Some will be automatically (see link below), others will need to be updated with content specially developed for them (free of charge).

If you opt for the S Series, be aware that the absence of an optical drive prevents any possibility of installation from physical media. This will be mandatory download from the Store for your games.

For owners of physical copies who love the S Series, we wait to see what Microsoft has planned. We have asked them on this point and are awaiting their response.

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Also take into consideration thatit may be more interesting to resell your physical copies and with the money collected, you subscribe to the Game Pass for console (9.99 euros per month). You will have access to hundreds of Xbox 360 and One / One X games as well as the next creations from Microsoft studios when they are released.
Without forgetting than EA’s on-demand game supply will also join Game Pass very soon, at no extra cost to players.

Do I need additional storage to install my games?

On the Series X, initially, the effective 800 GB (against 1 TB announced) and available will be sufficient to install several games. You can then buy 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion (270 euros).

On the S Series, there are less than 400 GB (370 GB to be precise) of exploitable out of the announced 512 GB. There, we will have to make choices. The Seagate Storage Expansion is also compatible with this console, luck. This will almost triple the storage space available … almost paying the price of a new S Series.

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Also know that you can store your games next gen on an external hard drive (USB 3.0 mandatory and 128 GB of storage minimum). However, you will not be able to launch them from this disc. However, current games or Xbox 360 games downloaded from the Store or from Game Pass, for example, can be stored and launched from this external storage.

Do they make noise? Do they heat up?

The Series X, the first of the two consoles we have had in our hands, is silent and makes no noise. We refer you to our article on this subject.

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The S Series, more compact and a little less powerful, follows in the same footsteps. Microsoft’s two new consoles are models of calm and poise …

This article is intended to evolve as new questions about the Xbox Series X and S emerge, and answers are provided by Microsoft, or our experience as a tester and gamer. So do not hesitate to come back regularly.

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