A picture is worth a thousand words. With its new Expressive Pixels application, Microsoft hopes to offer its users a new means of communication.

This funny application, straight out of the Microsoft Research laboratory, intends to offer users for whom verbal communication can be difficult, a solution to express themselves visually, by creating still or moving images.

Open source and available only on Windows 10, Expressive Pixels allows you to create animations whose distribution mainly targets small LED screens to be connected to the PC by USB or Bluetooth. The tool natively offers a number of predefined animations that can be viewed on mouseover and includes a gallery of animations created by the user community where you can share your own creations.

Download Microsoft Expressive Pixels for Windows 10 (Free)

While the animations created with Expressive Pixels are primarily intended for display on a screen, it is also possible to export them as a GIF for use on the web.

Source: Microsoft

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