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After Touch ID, its Apple fingerprint reader, Macs could finally be entitled to Face ID, its facial recognition technology introduced with the ’iPhone X. This is in any case what seems to indicate a new extension discovered in the third beta of macOS Big Sur by our colleagues from 9to5Mac.

They found code there to enable the operation of a PearlCamera, which was the internal code name for the TrueDepth camera and Face ID before its launch in 2017. Other pieces of code similar to those found in iOS , like FaceDetect and BioCapture, also seem to indicate that Apple is preparing for the arrival of Face ID on its computers.

9to5Mac However, it says that the implementation of these functions is still in its early stages, so facial recognition technology may still take a little while to arrive in our Macs.

At present, only the two ranges of Apple laptops include a biometric function, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, which offer Touch ID for faster authentication. Aside from the fact that integrating the fingerprint reader into the keyboard could pose security issues for iMacs, for example, it’s clear that Face ID is perfectly suited for Macs. This would be all the better as their webcams are in general rather poor quality compared to what the iPhones and iPads have been offering in recent years.

Where Touch ID uses the T2 chip on Macs, Face ID relies heavily on the capabilities of the neural network, embedded in Apple Ax chips, in addition to the True Depth camera. From there to think that Apple will introduce its facial recognition technology in its Mac ARM, there is only one step. So it would be for the end of the year.

Source: 9to5Mac

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