Unsurprisingly, Facebook is taking advantage of the anger movement initiated by the fortnite case to attack Apple. After complaining about the App Store’s practices vis-à-vis its application Facebook Gaming, the social network denounces Apple’s firmness towards its new system of paid events, launched to support small businesses victims of the pandemic. This new feature, which for example allows a restaurant owner to sell cooking lessons, is taxed 30% by Apple despite requests from Facebook, which undertakes not to make any profit for at least a year. On iOS, Facebook wants to indicate on the payment page “Apple deducts 30% on this purchase” but do not yet know if the brand will let such information pass.

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“When people pay $ 20 for an online event, they think it all goes to a local business while 30% goes to a $ 2 trillion business, that’s relevant information people need to have. ” Fiji Simo, the manager of the Facebook application, told our colleagues from The Verge. On Android, the Facebook Pay tool is used and Google will not charge any commission.

This new episode joins the long list of criticisms leveled against Apple in recent weeks. While the App Store is currently the target of several investigations questioning its possible anti-competitive practices, the company does not want to know anything and is more firm than ever. Epic Games, which declared war on Apple by using Fortnite to attack the App Store, is leading a sling against Cupertino. More and more developers are joining it.

Source: The Verge

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