Facebook believes that it will not be able to continue to operate its services in Europe if the Irish CNIL prohibits it from transferring user data to the United States. “It is infeasible in practice”Facebook privacy officer Yvonne Cunnane reportedly said in the Irish High Court last week. Reuters quotes from Irish newspaper Sunday Business Post who had access to a sworn statement.

A preliminary decision of the Irish CNIL ordered him, a few weeks ago, to repatriate information from European users to our continent. He had to respond to this injunction before mid-September. But he managed to freeze the case and take it to the High Court, which will consider the case in November.

The position of the Irish CNIL follows on from the repeal by the European Court of Justice of the US-EU Privacy Shield agreement last July. According to her, the surveillance programs of American intelligence agencies pose a threat to the personal information of Europeans stored in servers in the United States.

Source: Reuters

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