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Since Donald Trump claims to have already won the elections on the networks, Twitter and Facebook decided to censor it – a again. Both companies have stepped up their measures against his misinformation attempts.

As soon as President Trump started making premature declarations of victory, we sent notifications to Facebook and Instagram to remind that the votes are still being counted and that there is no winner given yet. Facebook’s press service tweeted Wednesday, November 4. “ We systematically label both candidates’ posts with this information.

On Donald Trump’s official Facebook page, all the latest posts are embellished with a message recalling that ” the vote count is in progress. There is no given winning candidate for the 2020 US election yet “Or that” the final results may differ from the first vote counts, as the count will continue for days or even weeks after the close of polling stations (See screenshots below). A interactive page has also been set up to follow the results live.

Twitter is no exception. The social network also decided to flag some tweets, using an inciting message such as ” learn more about our moderation policy on the 2020 elections “. Sometimes Twitter has even gone so far as to hide certain messages, replacing them with the following alert: ” Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and could be misleading about how to participate in an election or other civic process “(See screenshots below). This warning followed by the words “find out more” refers to the twitter policy which explains that it is forbidden to ” manipulate or interfere in elections or other civic processes “.

The American electoral system is already complicated enough to add vagueness and lies. In short, this is the message of the platforms to Donald Trump. ATwhen it is supposed to know that the counting of the votes can take several days, the Republican candidate used social media to claim he won. Even more affirmations fallacious that many states still have to count the mailed ballots a week or more after the polls close.

Donald Trump fought back. According to Arstechnica, he tried to prevent Twitter and Facebook from filtering his messages, asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to intervene. FCC chairman Ajit Pai backed him up. However, the issue is not settled within the committee. But if Donald Trump wins the ballot, four more years would give him ample time to complete his request.

Source : Arstechnica

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