Facebook is reportedly poised to merge its messaging with that of Instagram. Over the weekend, some Instagram users did see a warning window telling them that they would soon be able to chat with their Facebook friends on Instagram.

In addition to this merger of messaging, the displayed pop-up also announces several new features. Discussions will undergo a more colorful graphic overhaul, it will be possible to react in discussions with any emoji, but also to respond to a specific message by sliding your finger on a message (swipe to reply), as it exists already on WhatsApp. Users now seem to have the choice of whether or not to apply this update using a dedicated button.

When the user chooses to accept the update, the Messenger icon replaces the one usually displayed in Instagram to access the platform’s private conversations. However, the deployment of this novelty seems to be reserved for only a handful of users. And they can’t send messages to their Facebook contacts yet.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook will force Instagram users who do not use Facebook to identify themselves to log into that account to continue to access instant messaging.

Source: The Verge

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