The Facebook Gaming application is finally making its first steps in iOS and iPad OS. Facebook had been dismissed several times by Cupertino and had to rework its copy over and over again to meet the requirements of the Store Developer User Rules.

So, this is it Facebook managed to tick all the boxes? No, not quite. If the iOS app allows you to discover games recommended by the platform’s algorithms and to watch streams of unknown or popular players, it is on the other hand … impossible to access all the mini-games of the app.

On the screenshot below, on the left, the App Store and on the right the Google Play Store. There are therefore the tabs Connect and Discover on the iOS app but Play is to absent subscribers (just like Cat a priori).

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Facebook operations manager Sheryl Sandberg told our American colleagues to The Verge than :

Unfortunately, we had to remove all of our remote video game functionality to be in compliance with the rules imposed by Apple. This means that iOS users do not have access to the same content as people with an Android smartphone. However, we are committed to ensuring that the 380 million users [par mois] who play games on Facebook can still find each other, whether Apple approves or not.

Everyone is in the same boat. Facebook does not have the right to give users access to games through its Gaming app in the same way as Microsoft, Google or Nvidia. They too have not received the necessary approval for xCloud, Stadia and GeForce NOW are available on the App Store and open wide the floodgates of cloud gaming on iOS.

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Apple, on the way to becoming the bête noire of (cloud) gaming?

As in the Stadia and xCloud cases, Apple here brandishes its favorite shield to support its argument: its famous section 4.7 relating to the validation of streaming applications or which offers access to remote content.

In an attempt to bend Apple, Facebook produced usage data for its Android Gaming app. According to Zuckerberg’s company, players who use Facebook Gaming do so – in 95% of cases – to watch content and not to play the little games offered by the app.

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Facebook did attempt to appeal this decision thanks to a procedure put in place by Apple itself (when from the last WWDC) but, to this day, this request has remained unanswered. This is not the first time that Facebook has had to make sacrifices to integrate the Apple catalog. In the past, he had to completely remove small games from the main Facebook app and, later, from Messenger.

Source: The Verge

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