QAnon is invited to leave Facebook and Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has changed its tone with the pro-Trump conspiracy movement, which is doing everything possible to stir up tensions and rally supporters to its cause, less than a month from the American elections.

Facebook has indeed noticed that supporters of these many conspiracy theories moved from one subject to another to constantly attract new audiences. “While we removed content related to QAnon that celebrated and supported violence, we saw other content (from the movement) appear on other topics”, relates the social network.
For example, “Claims that certain groups of people are causing wildfires on the west coast (of the United States)”, Facebook continues.

Celebration of violent acts

The company said it would take several weeks to deal with the occurrences. In August, it had already withdrawn nearly 800 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 advertisements directly related to this movement on Facebook.
She had also taken steps to reduce the reach of more than 10,000 Instagram accounts and nearly 2,000 groups and 440 Facebook pages, such as limiting recommendations, demoting them on news feeds, making them harder to find. find, stop them from advertising or selling products.

“We have seen movements grow which, even if they do not directly organize violence, celebrate violent acts, show they have weapons and suggest they are going to use them, or have fans susceptible to violent behavior. “, had then explained the group.

The number of followers of this far-right movement has exploded as the US presidential election approaches. He has gradually improved his tactics to cast a wider net, beyond the convinced nucleus who sees the tenant of the White House as a sort of messiah, slayer of the corrupt elite and pedophile.

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