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Facebook deactivated the “Stop the steal” group, which had managed to bring together more than 320,000 people in less than 48 hours after its creation. Using a slogan in vogue with supporters of Donald trump, the group born after the election would have become a nest of fake news and conspiratorial messages, even though the situation linked to the uncertainty of the presidential election is still very tense in the United States.

In its press release, the social network explains that it made this decision in light of the nature of the content that was shared on this group and its possible consequences. “In the spirit of the exceptional measures we are taking in this time of great tension, we have eliminated the ‘Stop the steal’ group which was involved in the creation of real events. The group was founded with the aim of delegitimizing the election process and we saw alarming calls for violence from some of its members. ”

A well-executed communication campaign

Indeed, among the thousands of messages posted in the incriminated group, several of them took again the position of the outgoing president by denouncing electoral fraud for the benefit of the Democratic Party and its candidate Joe Biden. Fearing probable censorship on the part of Facebook, the group’s administrators called on its members to go to an “independent” website in order to leave their contact details there and to be able to “communicate more directly”. The number of people who answered this call is unknown at this time.

As for “Stop the steal”, if the life of the group was rather short, the information which reaches about it tends to confirm that it would not be about a spontaneous movement of dissatisfied citizens but well of a campaign led by a communications company close to the American conservative right. This is what the news site reveals Mother jones which indicates that the web agency behind the creation of the group had already shone in recent months with many anti-Biden and pro-Trump sites.

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