Facebook suspends former US President Donald Trump for two years


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Facebook announced Friday that it was suspending Donald Trump’s activities for two years after he broke social media rules by cheering his supporters on in the January 6 assault on Capitol Hill in Washington. The platform had already confirmed the suspension on May 5.

Facebook persists and signs. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network announced Friday June 4th suspend former US President Donald Trump for two years, i.e. the maximum punishment after breaking the rules of the platform for the assault on the capitol by its supporters, January 6, 2021.

Facebook has also claimed that politicians will be punished like ordinary users in the event of non-compliance with the rules, especially in the event of disinformation.

Former US President had been temporarily excluded on January 7 for having encouraged his supporters during the attack on the Capitol in Washington, an unprecedented decision.

Suspension until January 2023, account reinstated if conditions allow

The decision pushes Donald Trump’s suspension until January 2023 at least. In May, Facebook’s oversight committee had already upheld the decision, but the committee then ruled that the group could not impose an indefinite suspension, giving Facebook six months to determine “a proportionate response.”

Donald Trump’s suspension was effective from the original date in January and will only be reinstated when “public safety risks are gone,” the platform said. “Considering the gravity of the circumstances which led to the suspension of Donald Trump, we believe that his actions constituted a serious violation of our rules which deserve the highest sanction available under the new application protocols,” said added the social network.

Reacting after the announcement, Donald Trump denounced an “insult” to the “75 million” Americans who voted for him in 2020. “Facebook’s decision is an insult” to the “75 million people who voted for us. in 2020, “the former president said in a statement, adding that the social media giant” should not be allowed to get away with this censorship and muzzling “. “In the end, we will win. Our country can no longer bear these abuses!”, He concluded.

The move comes on the same day that European and UK competition authorities launched investigations into possible anti-competitive behavior by Facebook in the online advertising industry.

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