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Between two discussions with your friends on Whatsapp, buy yourself a sofa without opening any browser window! Facebook will extend certain functions dedicated to online shopping within its chat application.

Facebook posted a video on their WhatsApp account that shows how easy the process should be. However, the social network is not very talkative about how it intends to proceed or when these improvements will be carried out within the app. And even less in which countries they will be accessible. We will therefore have to be a little patient to find out more.

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Make purchases with bots

The video has the advantage of being worth all the explanations in the world. You send a WhatsApp message to an online merchant. A bot or an advisor answers you and sends you a catalog to consult directly in the app. You add what you like to the cart, and with a few quick messages and a transaction confirmation later, you’re done. Your credit card (or your Facebook Pay account ?) is charged and the sofa … ready for delivery.

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As our colleagues fromEngadget, the ability to send a catalog directly to the app was already offered to stores on the network. But it is much less sophisticated than the one we can see presented here.

Facebook launched new mercantile features – Facebook Shops – earlier this year that operate both on the social network and on Instagram. So it would make sense for WhatsApp to take advantage of this as well.

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