As the tenth anniversary of the “group” function, Facebook intends to modify its flow to give even more weight to public discussions. The social network has announced many new features regarding the management of these pages. The goal, according to the social network, would be to allow each user to discover new topics of discussion and to interact with more people.

The display of public chats in the user feed began its testing phase today, but with much testing, it is highly likely that this change will be definitively adopted as it rolls out.
Obviously, in order for a discussion to appear in various individual feeds, the group administrator will need to give prior consent. On the other hand, the social network does not bother to ask for the consent of users who will see various exchanges as soon as one of their contacts has participated in them in any way (link sharing, intervention written, emoji reaction, etc.).

Automatically moderated groups?

Facebook explains that more than 1.8 billion people use the groups every month and that these new measures obviously aim to increase that number.
In the subtext, this must obviously be seen as a desire on the part of the social network to keep users as long as possible on its platform and to make it even more a source of information. Therefore a question arises: what about moderation?

Again Facebook had planned an announcement: the upcoming arrival of an automatic moderation tool in groups. Administrators are responsible for defining the rules for each community and the limits for each discussion. Given the many controversies surrounding Facebook moderation and the network’s role in spreading false information, it is uncertain whether this announcement is more successful than the first.

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