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During an election period, Facebook is a breeding ground for the dissemination of false information, which can ultimately have a real influence on the outcome of an election. In the United States, as the counting of the votes continues, the issue is hot.

One or two more clicks

As reported by New York Times, Facebook plans to add new “rubs,” which would result in one or two more clicks, before allowing users to share content. American giants usually praise experiences frictionless of their interfaces. Their goal is to make the use of their service as smooth, fast and easy as possible. But sometimes simplicity and speed are the enemies of thought or proven information.

Clearly, now to post a message, you will have to click on one or two buttons to signify that you are sure you want to share this or that information.
In the same vein, the social network has also decided to downgrade messages containing erroneous information on news feeds. Here again, the objective is to minimize the visibility of fake news. These digital parades could take effect now, can we read in the American newspaper.

These measures accompany a general tightening of moderation at Facebook. This week, the company also suspended political advertising on its network for an indefinite period. Add to that, Facebook has taken to tagging all the posts of the two candidates in the US election to remind that no result was final yet. In this game, Donald Trump is indeed given the winner …

Source : New York Times

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