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When it comes to soccer cleats play an important role for players. Cleats are essential, but are overlooked by many players. Having a perfect pair for the court you are playing on can help you a lot and benefit you in a number of ways. There are certain circumstances in which the use of the wrong football cleats can be dangerous. Choosing a pair that is right for you is more important than buying the one your favorite player is wearing. There are different types of crampons available that are suitable for the right seasons and the right terrain you are playing on.


Soccer cleats were developed in the 19th century, which actually wore cleats. The first football cleats were worn by the King of England in the 16th century. Modern crampons have replaceable crampons, which makes them easy to use. According to the rules that apply to the game at the international level, players are not required to wear crampons. Players can choose to wear anything other than crampons on artificial turf. Crampons are quite important when they need to be worn on the pitch with natural grass.


There are different types of crampons that you should be aware of when going to play on different terrain conditions. Firm Ground Cleats (FG) are used on soils with dry, natural grass surfaces. Since artificial turf is used these days, companies produce cleats that are friendly to artificial turf. Soft Ground (SG) cleats should be worn on terrains where the cleats go into the ground, which will give you a good grip. Hard Ground Cleats (HG) are used on hard surfaces. AT-Turf shoes are the priority for players playing on artificial turf thanks to their conical studs. If you play indoor soccer, IN-indoor cleats are perfect for you because they are rock hard.


Players like to choose which stud materials they are comfortable with. K leather is a material that hugs the comfort of your foot and is durable for a long time. The material of this type of leather is soft. There is also an option for natural leather. The upper part of the studs is made of leather or goatskin or calfskin. Synthetic leather studs are widely used nowadays with the best sealing quality. Mesh is used in the crampons which gives a light body.


The studs are provided with specific materials in the areas that are used to pass and control the ball are classified as control studs. Electric studs have some kind of technology in the area, which is used to hit the ball. Speed ​​is introduced into the cleat keeping it light. Heritage crampons contain materials that are used to keep them durable.

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