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I’m not saying one is better than the other, just that there is a big difference.

what is the difference between both?

Well, it’s in the words. A fan likes something, a supporter actively supports it. A regular fan would not drive 5 hours to support FC Bayern Amateure in the cold March rain.

What are supporters doing differently?

Passion. Devotion. Loyalty.

Take, for example, a club like Bayern Munich. We have by far the most fans in Germany, but only a small group of real supporters. Fans buy a lot of merchandise and visit home games, and generally refer to the team, not the club. The fan idolizes the players, but often knows little about the club’s history. When a club does not do well, more and more places will be empty, while the Supporters section is always full.

The Mindest

A supporter loves the club, not the team and its players. They are mercenaries who do not identify with the club and who will make transfers as soon as more money is offered.

For a supporter, everything revolves around the club, not the team.

A fan sees this as a hobby or occasional entertainment. But the supporters take him seriously. No matter where and when the club is playing, or no matter how important the game is, the Supporter is there. Often this means sacrificing other aspects of one’s life – work, school, family, friends. This is because words like loyalty and honor still have meaning. A Supporter will defend the club name if necessary, without causing them any trouble.
To support it, the club is a lifestyle.

The Supporter supports the team throughout the match, regardless of the score or performance. Because the team needs support the most when things are not going well. This is not to say that dissatisfaction cannot be expressed. But team support always comes first.

Just singing or shouting is not enough. Every word spoken and every song sung must be filled with all the energy and passion of the Supporter. Even if the players on the pitch don’t care, it’s done for the honor of the club and for the honor of the supporter.

Sing until your lungs are burning and you are ready to vomit.

The supporters look objectively at everything the club does and are not afraid to be critical. It is their responsibility to protect the values ​​and integrity of the club and to pursue them in their actions.

If a club decision conflicts with the Supporter’s beliefs, but benefits the club in the long run, the Supporter must put their own best interests aside.

Everything the Supporter does must be in the best interests of the club.

All of these traits are essential. I have known people who have gone to every FC Bayern game, but who have not supported. There were those who sang with passion, but only chose a few matches a year. Not to mention those who were too drunk to even enter the stadium, or those who just want to fight.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a War on Supporters / Ultras across Germany. The clubs want to replace us with customers who will shell out money without asking questions or criticizing. The identities of the clubs are slowly being removed. But this is for another article.

Source by Marius Menzel

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