Microsoft will have come a long way before achieving this result. But, that’s it, the new interface for its current and future consoles is being rolled out.
Faster, more graphic, better organized, Microsoft promises us only good things on paper. And you will also find it, in the coming days, on the PC and mobile applications. Android. No doubt that the future iOS version to stream games from your console will also benefit. The unification promised last August by the Xbox teams is finally here and we are not going to complain!

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It is, from what we can see from the video below, the most successful of all, both graphically and ergonomically. However, it will have to be tested for long hours to confirm these first impressions.

On the console side, the menus seem more dynamic and faster to display. on the home screen, always customizable, the first line of icons should serve both as a history and as a quick launch bar, to be personalized if you wish.

Icons are gaining in roundness and definition. Many small symbols take advantage of new designs, but nothing that cannot confuse or lose the more accustomed.

The menu / notification bar has also changed (thankfully) and all of this is just the tip of the iceberg, we’re told.

The selection, management of profiles and the way they are displayed on screen have also been improved, to make them clearer but also more accessible when your friends want to compare their prowess to yours through achievements. .
It is also possible to customize the wallpaper, and moreover, the Xbox is full of new themes by default, in addition to all those that can be obtained from the Store.

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The mobile versions and the Xbox app on PC do not benefit from as many changes and functional improvements but, visually, they will have exactly the same traits as their cousins ​​for consoles.

Source: Xbox Wire US

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