Federal Competition Commission plans lawsuit against Facebook


The US Competition Commission (FTC) would consider filing an antitrust lawsuit before the end of the year against Facebook for abuse of dominance, says the Wall Street Journal. No decision has yet been taken, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter cited by the daily, even if the Federal Trade Commission has been investigating for more than a year on the respect of the competition of the giant of social networks.

As part of this investigation, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg was questioned in late August by the FTC, the site reported. Politico. The Californian group had not confirmed the information, but indicated that officials of the social network regularly take part in hearings of the Commission, which shares with the Department of Justice the role of competition authority.

Already a fine of 5 billion imposed

The competition authorities are particularly interested in Facebook acquisitions such as Instagram or WhatsApp, but also in the management of its platform vis-à-vis application developers. To prosecute, the five FTC members – three Republicans and two Democrats – must vote by majority.

Last summer, the FTC had already imposed a record fine of the Californian group of 5 billion dollars for failing to protect the personal data of its users, followed by a 170 million fine on YouTube (Google), for no -respect for children’s privacy.

In general, the GAFAMs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) are in the sights of the American authorities to determine whether they are abusing their dominant position to crush the competition. In February, the FTC summoned the five US giants to provide information and documents relating to their acquisitions since 2010.

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