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After a heated first presidential debate last week, Donald Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence faces Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris on Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. Follow their discussions live on our liveblog.

It is a debate under the sign of the coronavirus which is organized, Wednesday, October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The announcement of Donald Trump’s contamination last week turned the American presidential campaign upside down. The two running mates of this White House race, the Republican vice-president Mike pence and the Democratic Senator from California Kamala harris, will therefore debate separated by plexiglass walls. In a divided America, the symbol is strong.

Commentators hope to see a more civilized debate than the chaotic one between Donald Trump and Joe Biden last Tuesday. Kamala Harris, a career prosecutor, is renowned for her repartee and sharp pricks. Mike Pence is usually rather calm and discreet. Will the two competitors finally manage to talk about the substance of the issues that concern the Americans? Follow the shock between these two opposing personalities on our liveblog.

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