Formal notice on July 21 last by the National Commission for Freedoms and Informatics (Cnil), the Ministry of Health and Solidarity corrected the irregularities of the application StopCovid. The app of case-contact tracing of Covid-19 developed by the French government is now fully GDPR compliant.

“The necessary measures have been taken”

The elements of response provided by the ministry during the month of August made it possible to demonstrate that the shortcomings observed during the control had ceased. The ministry has in fact taken the necessary measures to comply », Explains the data protection officer in a decision published Thursday, September 3.

Abandonment of the “reCaptcha”

Concretely, the ministry completed the missing information requested by the Cnil, abandoned the system of “reCaptcha proposed by Google, mentioned data subcontracting by Inria and finally put in place the required security safeguards. The requests were honored, the formal notice therefore ended.

However, on the user side, it is recommended to update your app. Indeed, the corrections have been made on version 1.1 of the StopCovid application.

Source : Cnil

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