Sony feels generous in its soul. The Japanese will offer PlayStation 4 games in quantity to all old and new subscribers who subscribe to the PS + formula on Playstation 5. 18 titles will be available at the launch of the console and to download immediately on its SSD. The securities will be linked to the account and accessible to the subscriber as long as he renews his subscription.

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The price of the subscription to this new PlayStation Plus has not, however, been detailed, and even less the subscription formulas (monthly, quarterly, annual) that would be associated with it. Currently, the subscription costs between 8.99 euros for a month, 24.99 euros per quarter or 59.99 euros per year.

The great wines and the great classics

Much like last night’s conference, Sony is playing the cards of nostalgia, first, and blockbuster licenses, second, to appeal to future subscribers.

Among the games offered, we find Uncharted 4, God of war, Detroit: Become Human or Persona 4, Fallout 4 and Batman arkham knight. Many are arguably already in the collections of seasoned or longtime gamers, but newcomers will surely appreciate the gesture.

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