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Spot, Boston Dynamics’s incredible robot dog interests Ford. The automaker would have to rent two copies to accurately map its factories. They have been reorganized so often that it is imperative today to reshape the original plans to modernize them.

The robot is equipped with five cameras, a 360-degree vision and a laser allowing it to scan its entire environment. It could accomplish its task in twice the time that a human had to use a tripod-mounted machine to be manually installed in each room. Not to mention that with its exceptional flexibility and robustness, Spot is able to venture into places inaccessible to personnel.

This is a first try for Ford. If it is successful, it will be generalized to other factories. Remember that Spot is accessible thanks to a leasing program since 2019 and on sale since June of this year. It costs $ 74,500.

Source: TechCrunch

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