For its first 100% electric vehicle, Ford has chosen to thoroughly review its multimedia system. A few months before the arrival of Chewed up, the American manufacturer has unveiled the main innovations of its OS, Sync 4. And for good reason, it is the American electric SUV that will inaugurate the latest version of the system. This fourth version is not a simple evolution of the existing interface. This is a major change both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

One of the main characteristics of Sync 4 is the preponderant role played by the owner’s smartphone. Indeed, via the FordPass application, the future driver of the Mach-e will be able to pre-configure certain parameters (temperature, driving mode, ambient lighting, etc.) but also to check the battery level or to program a recharge. Of course, FordPass also serves as a dematerialized key thanks to the “Phone as a key” function.
Finally, the application allows, when ordering the vehicle, to create a personal profile with their avatar as well as their driving or navigation preferences. So when the Mach-e is delivered, it already knows the most useful addresses of its owners or the charging stations closest to their home.

Of course, Sync 4 is able to manage several users at the same time and distinguish them according to their smartphone. The Mach-e therefore adopts the preferred settings for each profile.

A customizable and scalable system

What’s special about Sync 4 is also the fact that it doesn’t act like a frozen system. Indeed, Ford’s interface uses machine learning to learn the habits of its users and offer them routes or suggestions tailored to their desires and their schedule.
An example: if the owner usually dines at a restaurant every Thursday evening, the system could automatically suggest a suggested address or even the best route to his favorite pizzeria.

It was also this logic that prevailed in the organization of the interface. This is deeply customizable so that each user can instantly find the applications he is most fond of. Ford says it takes no more than two steps to access the overwhelming majority of settings which is essential in terms of safety.

TomTom and Garmin in charge of navigation

For the GPS part, Sync 4 relies on two partners, TomTom and Garmin. The first provides cartography, the second supports navigation. Obviously, trip planning takes into account the range of the vehicle. Designed for the Mach-e, the system therefore integrates the location and availability of charging stations.

Finally, the last major feature of Sync 4 is its ability to update. Like a smartphone OS, Ford’s on-board system can receive automatic updates via OTA (“over the air”, in other words without a wired connection). They are downloaded in the background before being installed, in less than two minutes, when the car is stationary.

Finally, for users who would prefer CarPlay or Android Auto, Sync 4 is compatible with both systems, including Bluetooth. Ford’s multimedia system will be available at the same time as the Mach-e, i.e. before the end of 2021.

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